IAS 2015: The TPP and Access to HIV and HCV Treatment [VIDEO]


The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, now under consideration, will heavily impact the availability of medications for HIV and viral hepatitis, both in middle-income countries and in high-income countries such as Canada that rely on generic drugs, advocates said at a Médecins Sans Frontières media briefing at the recent 8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in Vancouver.

[Leena Menghany and Jessica Burry, IAS 2015, July 21, 2015]

"The TPP agreement makes it very difficult for countries to access new medicines, or to access medicines earlier," said Leena Menghany of the MSF Access Project. "A number of countries with a very high burden of hepatitis C are part of the TPP -- Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia -- and it basically means that you're building more barriers to access to treatments, on top of patents, which already exist."



Médecins Sans Frontièresmedia briefing. 8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention. Vancouver, July 21, 2015.