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May 18 is National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Wednesday marks the 14th annual observance of National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, calling attention to advances in vaccine research.

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GeoVax and HIV Trials Network To Test Prime-Boost Vaccine

GeoVax Labs this month announced that it will test a novel recombinant HIV prevention vaccine that showed promise in monkeys, in collaboration with NIAID and the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.

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Vaccine Used in STEP Trial Alters HIV Genes

The adenovirus vaccine candidate used in the STEP trial did not significantly reduce HIV infection, but did alter the genetic makeup of the virus, according to a recent report in Nature Medicine. alt

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HIV Envelope Discovery Could Reveal New Vaccine Targets

Researchers have identified how the HIV envelope changes shape after binding to a host cell, exposing conserved proteins that might be good targets for a vaccine.

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Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Publishes Plan to Expand Research

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise -- an alliance of researchers, advocates, and funding sources around the world dedicated to accelerating development of a preventive HIV vaccine -- this week released a new plan for faster and more efficient research. The Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan, published in the September 2010 issue of Nature Medicine, aims to translate recent advances in the field into "faster, smarter and more productive" vaccine research.

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